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The  TOC structure has changed.  Players who make it to the final 8 of any session will continue to receive invitation cards, however, we will now be playing a monthly qualifier for the TOC.  Each card a player gets will continue to be worth $100 chips in the monthly event and the monthly event will continue to have 2 sessions. The change in structure will be the top 24 of each monthly qualifier will get a card for the TOC.  The first invitation card will get a player into the TOC and if they qualify more than once, the additional cards will be worth $500 chips each with no one being able to start the TOC with more than $1000 in extra chips. The TOC will be held the same way it is currently run with 2 sessions playing down to the final 4.

  In addition to the final table of 8 @ the TOC, there will be one wild card seat.  The final table will be a 9 person event.  The wild card will be chosen from faithful poker pub supporters, ones who continuously support their bars and servers.  To qualify for the wild card seat, play 14 tournaments per week or for every $50 (not including tip) you spend on any night during poker you will receive an entry into a drawing to be the 9th player at the next TOC final table.  Give the tournament host a copy of your receipt to be entered.  The new structure is designed so no player will have a huge chip advantage over other players, reduce tournament field, and as always to have fun. The winner of the TOC will receive a trip to Las Vegas and a seat into the 2008 Poker Pub National Tournament where the prize is a $10,000 WSOP Main Event Seat for 2008.  

Management reserves the right to alter or cancel promotions at any time.

We are looking for FUN, OUTGOING, and FRIENDLY people to host Texas Hold 'em tournaments!!  No previous tournament experience required, but general knowledge of Texas Hold 'em and it's rules are beneficial. 

Please email or call the number below for more information!  

April at (417) 483-0992 or thepokerpub@aol.com

Starting Monday December the 10th The Poker Pub will begin playing @ Hutch's Sports Bar in Fayetteville @ 7 PM and 10pm. We will be giving away $25 to the winner of the 1st session and $50 to the winner of the  2nd session. ( min 28 plyrs per rd )  Monday night everyone will receive 1 point for every point scored during the Monday night football game. 

 Come on out play some poker and root for a high scoring game !!!!!!!

Congratulations Marcus for winning a trip to Las Vegas.  Marcus supported The Poker Pub and Billy's Blues Club for a 6 week period and as the result Marcus will be heading to Las Vegas with The Poker Pub this summer.   Thank you Marcus and thanks to everyone who showed their support.

Glyn Moppin represented Arkansas very well at Border War VII on January 13th!  Glyn chopped for first place and won $616!!  GREAT JOB Glyn!!  Glyn also knocked out Jay and received his $50 bounty!  Glyn was the only Arkansas player to make the make final table!  Congrats and thank you to all Arkansas players who qualified and made the trip! 

Watch for the next Border War details coming soon!

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